Montreal Musts – Where to Wander Edition

Montreal Mural

In my last post, I described some of the awesome stuff we ate in Montreal. In addition to great food, Montreal has a lot to offer! Ben and I recently bundled up and spent three days exploring this special city. Although most people choose to visit Montreal in the spring or summer, we loved our wintery experience. Here are a few things you should definitely see and do, whenever you find yourself in Montreal:


Which festival is going on?


In Montreal, there is at least one festival going on every month of the year! We happened to be there during Igloofest, a huge outdoor electronic music festival. In fact, we rented an apartment directly across the street from Igloofest. (This wasn’t intentional.) We could see and hear the Igloofest commotion right from our warm, cozy bedroom. Fantastic people watching. (Snowsuit competitions are held nightly!) I can’t imagine attending an outdoor music festival in such cold weather!

Evening Light Show

While strolling around Montreal one evening, we came across a series of impressive light installations. We were so lucky to catch the 5th annual Luminothérapie event. I just wish we had known that maps and guided tours were available! I think we missed a few.

Light Installation


Street Art in Plateau Mount Royal

Black and White Mural

I was blown away by Montreal’s street art. Wandering down Saint-Laurent Boulevard was one of my favorite Montreal experiences. An annual public art festival has taken place in this neighborhood since 2013. This June, twenty local and international artists will participate in the 2015 edition of the Mural Festival. I’d love to head back to Montreal this summer to catch these artists in action!

My Fave Montreal Mural

Cupcake Close Up


At a Fabulous Airbnb

Home Sweet Home

One benefit of visiting Montreal in the winter = discounted lodging rates. At first, I had my heart set on an adorable boutique hotel in Old Montreal. I figured this was a great opportunity to stay in one of Montreal’s best hotels at a great price.

As I obsessively checked the 10 day weather forecast, I began to second guess myself. The boutique hotel was tempting, but the rooms were tiny… When I thought about coming “home” after a chilly day of exploring, I imagined a giant tub and a beautiful kitchen for us to prepare dinner together. Airbnb seemed like the perfect solution!

Throughout the years, Ben and I have rented many vacation homes in rural areas, but we had never rented an apartment while traveling. I felt comfortable using Airbnb because I’d seen photos of the fabulous places my friends have stayed! They encouraged me to carefully read reviews and confirm the exact location of the apartments we were interested in. I was shocked to find so many luxury apartments available (at a great price) for the following week.

Pool Time

I still can’t believe our luck! Our first AirBnB experience was phenomenal. Key pick-up was a breeze and our host quickly responded to questions via text. We paid considerably less for our GIANT luxury loft than we would have paid for that itty bitty hotel room down the street. We loved beginning each day with Nespresso lattés and looked forward to playing a couple rounds of pool, darts, or foosball every night! Oh, and we definitely didn’t mind this view of Place Jacques-Cartier:

View of Old Montreal

Have you ever used AirBnB while traveling? What was your experience like?  

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